Lois and Joshua Gordon are young entrepreneurs based in Atlanta.  The idea for Nut Smart Tag was born when their 3 year old Springer Spaniel , Nutsy, went missing.  Sick with worry, they searched the dog pound, distributed hundreds of flyers and cried themselves to sleep.  They did  not know if Nutsy was lost or stolen.  After 2 agonizing weeks Nutsy was finally returned.  They needed a way to keep track of their beloved dog!

Born out of Love, their vision for Nut Smart Tag has provided safe, non-intrusive way to keep track of pets.  But during development, they realized that their product was good for a multitude of ways to locate different lost items.  Lost keys, left behind smart phones, and misplaced purses can now be a thing of the past!   When they spoke with friends and colleagues who worried about young children, as well as elderly parents suffering dementia, they knew they had to help.  Nut Smart Tag can also be placed in a pocket, shoe or belt to keep our love ones safe.  What a wonderful thing!

Nut Smart Tag is an ingenious innovation that electronically connects Apple or Android devices with a tiny electronic key fob that can instantly alert a user if the tag is separated by more than 30 feet.  The Smart Tag can also be used to trigger a smartphone to beep when it’s been misplaced.

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